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Determine the Enthalpy for the Reaction

Use the thermochemical equations shown below to determine the enthalpy for the reaction:
2Fe3O4(s) + 1/2O2(g)=>3Fe2O3(s)
6Fe(s) + 9/2O2(g)=>3Fe2O3(s) H=-1387.4KJ
6Fe(s) + 4O2(g)=>2Fe3O4(s) H=-1256.6KJ

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2Fe3O4(s) + 1/2O2(g) => 3Fe2O3(s)

6Fe(s) + 9/2O2(g) => 3Fe2O3(s); H = -1387.4KJ .....(i)

6Fe(s) + 4O2(g) => ...

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