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the heat capacity of this calorimeter

When using a calorimeter to do detailed heat calculations, you must determine the heat capacity of the individual calorimeter you use as a calibration factor for later experiments. The fluid in a bomb calorimeter was heated for 568 seconds with a 15.00-watt heater. The temperature of the calorimeter fluid increased by 2.00 degrees C. What is the heat capacity of this calorimeter?

A. 4260 J/C
B. 8250 J/C
C. -4260 J/C
D. -8260 J/C


If 0.455 g of sucrose is completely combusted in the reaction chamber of the bomb calorimeter described above, and the combustion causes the temperature of the bomb calorimeter to increase by 1.76 degrees C, what is the amount of heat given off per mole of sucrose? ( the molecular weight of sucrose is 342.3 g/mole and the combustion is exothermic.)

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It caclulates the heat capacity of this calorimeter. Futhermore, it measures the heat released during the combustion of sucrose using this calorimeter. The solution is detailed and well organized.