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Conversion of formalin to a solution of methanol

I am a pathologist and would like to know just how hard it would be to convert the used formalin (10% formaldehyde in water) to a solution of methanol. It seems to me that I just need a long column and bubble hydrogen gas through it. When the hydrogen gas is able to make it all the way to the top of the column all the formalin should have been converted (I think) Is there more to it?

I own a band distillation unit and I'm hoping I then could distill the methanol to power my flex fuel truck.

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As per your assumption, formaldehyde can be reduced to passing hydrogen gas.

However I'll mark your assumption as partially correct. Since formalin is usually 35-40% formaldehyde and ...

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This solution explains how to concert formalin to formaldehyde in water.