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Chemical Treatment Technologies

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What is the advantage many chemical treatments have?

What is a common method for removing hexavalent chromium from a liquid waste?

How does Reverse Osmosis differ from osmosis?

What chemical and physical treatments can be used together to reduce a contaminant and give an example?

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The following posting helps with problems involving chemical treatment technologies.

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What is the advantage many chemical treatments have?

Chemical oxidation has many advantages and is thus widely used during the remediation stages. They are known to rapidly treat organic chemicals and this treatment is involved with the actual destruction of organic material (Ferrarese et al., 2008). It is not transformed or sequestered, common with other remediation techniques. Instead, the contaminant is converted into a completely benign derivative with no environmental consequence in many cases. On point with this, the oxidation reaction that occurs when using chemicals to treat contaminants to not result in the generation of a harmful product, though the derivatives may have negative implications (Ferrarese et al., 2008).

Chemical oxidation is less intrusive, takes fewer infrastructures, and can be completed in a shorter time frame that both biological remediation and soil vapor extraction. This is achieved by injecting approved chemicals into the ground. Though the cost of chemical oxidation varies greatly, it can be cheap for relatively simple sites but with more complex sites, the cost of technology increases. Lastly, chemical treatments are known to reduce the mass of the targeted contaminants drastically and the results are predictable. Thus, it is easy to determine how effective treatment is going to be. They are known to be extremely effective at ...

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