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Solving for the Equilibrium Constant

The Equilibrium Constant.

Question: Consider the reaction 2 NO(g) + 2 H2(g) = N2(g) + 2 H2O(g).
A 3.00-L container is filled with a mixture of 0.300 mol NO, 0.150 mol H2, and 0.300 mol H2O. When the equilibrium is established [NO] = 0.062 M. What is the value of Kc?

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First you want to determine all your initial concentrations:

[NO] = 0.3/3.0 = 0.1M
[H2] = 0.15/3 = 0.05M
[H2O] = 0.3/3 = 0.1M

Then set up a table with initial, change, and equilibrium ...

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