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Given Concentration, Change a product concentration, what is concentrations

Equilibrium process at 686 deg C:
C02(g) + H2 <---> CO(g) + H20(g)

[CO2] is 0.086 M
[H2] is 0.045 M
[CO] is 0.050 M
[H20] is 0.040 M

Calculate Kc for the reaction at 686 deg C.

If you add CO2 to increase it concentration to 0.55 mol/L, what will the concentrations off all the gases be when equilibrium is re-established?

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The solution provides the necessary equations to find Kc of the given reaction under first a temperature change and then once the equilibrium has been re-established after an addition of CO2, laid out in a clear, easy-to-follow manner.