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HETP Calculations from Distillations

I am trying to figure out a few questions/problems.

-You want a column to have 6 theoretical plates. Your packing material has a HETP value of 1.5. What is the length of the column that you would need? I thought I would multiply the 6 TP by the HETP value. (This was a past quiz question) How do I solve this type of question?

-When using a fractional distillation to separate 2 liquids, which boils first? The one with the higher vapor pressure or the one with the lower vapor pressure?

-Explain why the second boiling point is always going to be lower than its theoretical boiling point?

-Explain how fractional distillation is really a series of equilibriums (you must talk about the equilibrium coefficient).

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HETP Calculations from Distillations and distillations in general are discussed.