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Wood Preservatives: Polarity and Natrural Alternatives

Wood preservatives range from pentachlorophenol, to creosote, to chromated copper arsenate etc. etc. While most of these compounds are intended to deter rot and fungal decay of the wood, they also exhibit a significant water repellant characteristic??

1) What is it about these compounds that repels water?? It may have something to do with polar vs. non-polar but I continue to struggle with a simplistic understanding of polar and non-polar.

2) If I had a piece of raw wood and I wanted to make it more water repellant but without using any of the compounds above, what about materials such as linseed oil, soybean oil or something like these compounds?? Could they repel water and how would they work?? Would it be polar vs. non-polar again??

Are there any other environmentally-friendly compounds that could be applied to wood that would be considered at least partially water repellant?

Many thanks --- JJ

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