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Citric Acid and Fertilizer

Problem 1:

Citric acid is concentrated in citrus fruits and plays a central metabolic role in nearly every animal and plant cell. How many moles of citric acid are in 1.90 qts of lemon juice *d=1.09 g/ml* that is 6.62% citric acid by mass?

Problem 2:

Nitrogen *N*, phosphorus *P*and potassium *K* are the main nutrients in plant fertilizers. According to an industry convention, the numbers on the label refers to the mass percents of N, P2O5, and K20, in that order. Calculate the N:P:K ratio of a 15:2:1.0 x10^1 fertilizer in terms of moles of each element, and express it as x:y:1.0

N:P:k= x = y= 1.0

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This solution involves calculating moles of citric acid and ratios of various elements in fertilizer.