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Cash flow statement for an MBA degree

I would like to create a cash flow statement for my MBA degree to determine if I am making the right decision. I would like to calculate the following things:

Projected cost of interest for loan
Cost of capital
Net present Value
Internal Rate of Return
Discounted Payback
Profitability Index

Please show me how all calculations are were done

Assume the following:
Degree costs 12,510
financed at a rate of 7.5% for ten years
I was offered another job making 5% more than I currently make instead of going back to school. (salary 80,000)
Assume I have 25 years left until retirement
Assume my tax rate is 30%
Assume annual raises equal to inflation of 3% annually
If any other info is needed, please list assumption used to solve

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Excel file attached gives a cash flow statement for an MBA to judge its worth.