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Unit-Based Pricing Programs - Pay-As-You-Throw

Assignment: Pay-As-You-Throw

There are only 4 other states in the nation with as few communities using PAYT as in Kentucky. Until recently, Kentucky had no PAYT communities. Why do you think Kentucky is behind most of the rest of the nation on this issue?

Discussion of the pros and cons of pay-as-you-throw (unit-based pricing) programs. List 4 benefits and 4 cons of the pay-as-you-throw (unit-based pricing) approach to limiting the amount of solid waste.

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According to the pay-as-you-throw program, residents are charged for the collection of municipal solid waste, ordinary household trash based on the amount they throw away. Kentucky has been behind others in implementing this program and in my opinion, it was partly if not completely because of economic burden. The recently implemented "pay-as-you-throw" is expected to bring in just about half as much in fees as the previous plan did. The motivation is to provide residents an incentive to waste less and recycle more, thus saving money in the long run. But the startup costs include ...

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This answer provides critical analysis of Pay-As-You-Throw program and look in to the reasons as to why the state of Kentucky is behind most of the rest of the nation on this issue.