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Semiconductor industry purchaser

Do not need a paper written. I need answers to the following plus the credible reference where the answer was attained.

Problem: There was no PC industry at this time, so the US government had to be the largest consumer. Why? because of Education, Space program, and Military were the only who could afford. Therefore, the Government buyers power was high.
----Just need simple statistics to the US as being the largest IT purchaser on any of the years between 1964 and 1968 ONLY. Any of those years is fine----.
Only need numbers comparing increases in spending or comparing to consumer spending etc. as long as I have raw data to prove that the Government the major purchaser in the mentioned time frame. with credible references to prove. It really is simple if you have the references which I have no time or library access to find. Thanks.
Minimum 4 resources of data.
PS - No Wiki.

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Here is the data with the sources:


The 1960's: Focus on the Federal Government

By 1964, annual revenues totaled $4 million and employees numbered 230. At this point, the founders?joined by William R. Hoover, who would eventually become CSC's chairman and CEO?decided to expand CSC's markets by serving users, rather than the manufacturers of computers.

Recognizing that the U.S. federal government was the largest computer user, and anticipating the convergence of ...

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US government was the largest Semiconductor industry purchaser