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    The Product Lifecycle

    The product lifecycle refers to all parts of a product's life from introduction through to decline.There is no set time period for the product lifecycle, and each phase may be different lengths of time. Modern product lifecycles are becoming shorter and shorter as products are being renewed by market segmentation. Companies want to maximize profit and revenues over the entire lifecycle of a product by squeezing the most out of the front end in order to recoup development and advertising costs.

    There are four stages in the product lifecycle:

    First Stage - the Introduction: is characterized by a low growth rate. The product has just been launched and loses money rather than makinga profit. There are exceptions to this rule, one being Apple Inc. products where the introduction phase is skipped. The introduction also sees a huge marketing campaign in order to get customers informed and excited about the new product being launched.

    Second Stage - Growth phase: Growth comes with the acceptance of the innovation or new product. This is the best stage of a product to introduce updates and upgrades in order to show that your company is the most unique and innovative.

    Third Stage - Maturity: Sales begin to slow down as the product has already been purchased by the majority of those who want to buy it. New firms begin to enter the market to copy the product; this means a huge increase in competition for existing customers. Maturity is the vital stage where it is chosen to either let a product slip into decline or to reinvent the product to start anew.

    Fourth Stage - Decline: Growth is very slow and the product usually dies at the end of this cycle. Additionally, many companies share the same market, making it hard for new entrants to enter the market.

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    What is a project life cycle, and how does it support project success? Ensure you define the basic stages of a project life cycle and the primary activities that take place.

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    Product innovations tend to be more common during the earlier stages of an industry's life cycle. Product innovations are also commonly associated with a differentiation strategy. Firms that differentiate by providing customer with new products or services that offer unique features or quality enhancements often engage in produc

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    What does research evidence suggest are the characteristics of businesses that have achieved high market share during the growth stage of their product life cycle? Is there a common 'footprint' of these companies? Please give an example.

    Stages in Product Life Cycles

    Strategies do not last forever, and industries go through life cycles. In so far life cycles is concerned, these apply: decline, maturity, growth, and introduction. Knowing the differences between these stages is important, because managers must strive to emphasize the key functional areas during each of these stages and to atta

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    Explain how you will choose and use a project management life cycle model. Describe how you would incorporate requirements, flexibility, adaptability, change, risk, team cohesiveness, communications, client involvement, specifications, and business value.

    Administrative Strategy- Approach at Strategic Management

    In 200-300 words of notes discuss External Analysis: The Identification of Opportunities and Threats such as competitive force and the industry life-cycle analysis. Discuss how industries evolve over time, with reference to the industry life-cycle model. Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGSiKlyQRII

    Evaluating Performance and Product Life-Cycle Theory

    According to the internalization theory, firms that have intangible assets with a public good property tend to undertake FDI to take advantage of the assets on a large scale and, at the same time, prevent misappropriation of returns from the assets that may occur during arm's length transactions in foreign countries. The theory

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    I need help understanding how to go about these. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PowerPoint Presentation Review the portion of Web Chapter A concerning new product innovation. You can access Web Chapter A at this web address: http://www.pearsonhighered.com/wheelen/cases.html. Then select a new product that you have been introduced

    When promoting a new program, there are several marketing tools that can be used. This two-part solution provides ideas on how to use each of these tools in promotion of a new weight-loss program. The next part discusses the stages a product goes through in its life; from introduction through decline.

    The questions posted by the student were: You are the promotions manager for a new weight-loss program that is based on a low-carbohydrate diet. Describe how you might use all four tools of the promotional mix to promote the product. List the four stages of the product life cycle. Then describe the promotional strategies us

    Strategic Alliances versus Joint Ventures

    How does product strategy align with product life cycle? Does a product change as it goes through the life cycle? What are the key points to consider before entering a strategic alliance? How does a strategic alliance differ from a joint venture?

    Product Life-Cycle Stages

    What are two examples of products that you think are currently in each of the product life-cycle stages? Consider services as well as physical goods. Justify why you chose that product or service for that life-cycle stage.

    Purchasing Behavior and Company Strategies

    Please help answer question 1 in a substantive way and in 160 words for question 1, and use text and article references/citations. Please help answer question 2 in a substantive way and in 250 words for question 2, and use text and article references/citations. Support both responses from articles or outside sources for

    Analyzing a positioning strategy

    You are now the owner of a 'designer jean' company. This company produces custom made jeans for men and women in the New England area. The name of this company is Custom Made Designer Jeans, which is the first of it's kind - offering different style jeans based on different body shapes, different lengths, colors, decorations, fi

    Marketing Plan Outline for iPhone 5 by Apple

    Broad Marketing Objectives: Situation Assessment 1) What are the corporate mission and objectives from Apple iPhone 5? 2) What are the broad marketing objectives? 3) What are the market including segments? 4) What is the total competition? 5) Internal? 6) Technology as needed 7) Political as needed 8) Socio/cultural a

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    In Opportunity analysis the following bullets are based upon Progressive auto insurance. The product of focus analyzed is the Snapshot. Please help with the following: - Value chain analysis - Product life-cycle analysis - Market segmentation