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Excel program help

Need help on excel program ASAP. The problem is below. Please also refer to the attached Excel file.

I am using an excel spreadsheet to do item inventory and also count items.

There are two lines per item starting with Row 5 Column D which is item One
The count starts on Column 5

Thus D5 is 1

There are TWO empty rows between items

Thus D9 is 2

Thus D13 is 3

Thus D17 is 4

What I need to do is track items that are out of stock and NOT count them into this count

If D3 is Out of Stock I would like to be able to put into C13 a "N" and have D13 go Blank and go onto make D17 be 3

Also, there may be situations where there are multiple items out of stock one after another so it must keep looking for the lack on an N in row C

Lastly I need the colomn c to add up the total at the bottom with the number of out of stocks.