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    The primary technology used in marketing is the Internet. The Internet is constantly being updated and fed by new technologies and it is essential for existing firms to utilize the Internet as effectively as possible. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, and YouTube (just to name a few) can all be utilized by businesses to drive advertisements and target certain groups.¹ Social media is also becoming the new system for customer-based reviews of products, moving advertising power from companies and marketers to individuals. Companies can also use innovations such as GPS, DVR's, and smartphone applications to target the locations and habits of customers. Technology not only helps marketers select who to advertise products to, but it also helps research and development departments determine what products to create next and what products to update. Social media allows customers to voice their opinions and wants to companies.


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    SEM versus SEO

    How is Search Engine Marketing Different than Search Engine Optimization?

    Hilti and Its Use of Social Media

    Conduct research on social networking strategies for businesses. How has HILTI positioned to engage consumers in the social landscape? What suggestions held utility? Why? Provide 2-3 paragraphs, reference, citatio, APA style

    How Social Media Affects Businesses

    Describe the change in how businesses view social media and how it affects their business. Are more companies "pushed by their consumers" or are they "pulling consumers?" Use examples of how companies have accomplished this task to support your perspective. In responding to classmates' postings discuss whether the example(s) ide

    Impact of Technology

    How does technology impact Christmas (or any) gift giving both from the consumer and business perspective? Think in terms of both the process of obtaining the gifts and the nature of the gifts themselves.

    direct mail fundraising

    600 words. How has the internet and other networked relationships changed direct mail fundraising in recent years?

    Technology Paradoxes and Consumer

    Find the following article: Mick, D. G., & Fournier, S.. (1998). Paradoxes of Technology: Consumer Cognizance, Emotions, and Coping Strategies. Journal of Consumer Research, 25(2), 123-143. http://doi.org/10.1086/209531 1) To what extent do you feel these 'paradoxes' partly created by a 'misinterpretation of the marketing

    Sustainability and Innovation

    Read the articles and answer the following questions, thank you :) 1) Consider the traditional role of 'the organisation'. What are the negative aspects usually associated with 'business'? 2) To what extent do you feel organisations have a responsibility to society? What particular 'actors' might organisations have a respo

    Brazil: Entry Strategy and Structure

    Specify by name an alliance partner for Apple in Brazil with rationale for the choice. Discuss the organizational structure of the alliance (who does what/contributes what) using the growth and product adaptation strategy.

    Apple's Competition in India and Brazil

    Who are the key competitors (both multinational and local) for your company's product/service in each of the countries? How competitive is the industry in each country (overall competitiveness: high, low, medium, with explanation)?

    e-Commerce Marketing

    Would like content from recent articles about e-commerce marketing. Please cite at least three(3) sources. 400 words discussing your viewpoint on the topic and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings. If you have any questions please ask, thank you in advance for your help.

    Radio Frequency Identification Technology - RFID

    Read "RFID: The Wave of the Future" Respond to the following: - What problems might occur with the full implementation of RFID technology in retail industries? Specifically consider the amount of data that might be collected. - What factors make managing inventory more difficult for exporters and multinational companie

    Privacy, Marketing and the Internet

    Consider the statements "Privacy is a bigger issue in the online world than the off-line world" and "Privacy is no different online than off-line." Take a stand and justify one of these statements, supporting it with examples from your textbook or other resources. Do you think that consumers on the whole receive more benefit

    Harvard Referencing Style

    To complete this exercise, convert the list below to an appropriate reference list in Harvard style. When you finish, make sure to put them into alphabetical order as required by Harvard style. A book with the title: 'Occupational Health and Safety', published in Sydney in 2004 by McGraw-Hill, with authors M. Stewart and F.

    Consulting Proposal

    When I look for the components of a consulting proposal in Internet, I found the following the site, http://www.careerlab.com/art_consulting_proposal.htm Can you write a consulting proposal for a typical client ?

    Advertising and Audiences

    Write a 500 word response with at least two examples: Which is more effective on the following audiences: digital advertising (web or mobile) or traditional TV advertising and why? Men 18-34 and Baby Boomers.

    Case Study: How to Transition to New Technology

    Case Study: You arrive early in the office to prepare for a meeting with your IT team. It has become increasingly clear to you that technology is changing?and fast?and many of the old IT tools your company still uses are becoming obsolete. Add to that your growing sales force of 20-somethings who find these tools unfamilia

    Managerial Accounting/Components of Marketing Process

    Identify the pros and cons of the partnership as a form of ownership. I also need to discuss funding options for small businesses. I must also determine and discuss how managerial accounting can help managers with product costing, incremental analysis, and budgeting. Then I must discuss the basic components

    Organizing Large Amounts of Data

    Can you assist with the following questions: Demonstrate how you would organize enormous amounts of data and select and use only that which is germane while eliminating that which is not. You are to write a report regarding the presence of women and certain minorities in specific occupations in the United States. Discuss th

    Proofs of Linear Dependence and Linear Independence

    Business Communication: write an internal proposal seeking my manager's approval to install a new computer system in my department. I need guidance on the outline as well as the contents. I am unsure as to the language I am supposed to use in writing the proposal. We would just need a basic set up of 10 fast computers, with cd-r

    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and Netware Server and file sharing

    Since 1995, major network systems vendors have supported LDAP: the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Microsoft, Apple, and Novell are among the vendors that have implemented the standard. Briefly discuss LDAP services as implemented by these three vendors. The diagram below shows a LAN containing four network operati


    NetBEUI was designed to support networks comprising up to 200 nodes. While easy to implement, it has the disadvantage of being a proprietary protocol. List at least two other advantages and two other disadvantages of NetBEUI.

    denormalization and binary relationships

    Question 1. What is denormalization, and why can it be desirable? Provide an example. Question 2. Give examples of binary 1:N relationships, (a) an optional-to-optional relationship, (b) an optional-to-mandatory relationship, (c) a mandatory-to-optional relationship, and (d) a mandatory-to-mandatory relationship. Illustrate

    For many organizations, relationship marketing is more important than any individual transaction, because these long-term relationships can yield greater overall profitability. Find two examples of or

    Question 1 The Internet has allowed many companies to shift sales support for small accounts to e-commerce sites and away from sales personnel. Additionally, many regularly occurring functions have become automated, allowing customers with any size organization to use web-based systems to place orders and submit warranty reques

    Hospitality Marketing: Geography and Market Segmentation

    Please help answer the following question. Markets are segmented using geography. How has the internet, social media and mobile technology affected using geography as a method of segmenting markets in both a positive and negative way?