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    Summarizing an Article on 'Keys to Organizational Change'

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    Please help summarize the Clement article listed below and describe to what degree does Clement's analysis distinguish among the three companies. Thanks!

    Here is the article:
    Clement, RW (1994) Culture, leadership, and power: the keys to organizational change. Business Horizons. Retrieved May 16, 2010, from http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1038/is_n1_v37/ai_14922916/

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    The article is written by Ronald Clement in 1994. Even though it was written more than 10 years ago it does still hold some key factors in making organizational change successful. Clement is an associate professor in the College of Business and Public Affairs at Murray State University in Kentucky. He has written several articles on management including one on manager led teams.

    His first theme is that changing a culture is difficult, but working within the culture that already exists, change happens more successfully and the organizational culture changes with it. He explains that organizations learned that outsiders working on change for a company did not accomplish as much as the leaders from within the ...

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