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Discussion Strategy Challenges and Legislation

I need some help with the following scenario:

Your teenage daughter is a senior at Hartfield High School. She is an honor roll student; however, she cannot pass the high school exit exam. The exit exam is a standardized test that is administered to all high school students across the State of Georgia that determines whether or not a student will be granted a high school diploma. If your child does not pass, she will have to go to summer school and attempt the exam again. This may eliminate her chances of attending Lincoln University in the fall. After all, she has the GPA and grades to be admitted, but she just can't pass this "stupid" exam. Legislatures that are for the No Child Left Behind Act will be in your city for a Town Hall meeting. There are a number of parents who are faced with the same dilemma and would like to challenge legislation and possibly lift the band of standardized testing. Imagine you were addressing legislation. What would you say? Could standardized test be biased, thus making them unethical in your opinion? Answer this question, as if you were talking to legislation.


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The standardized exit exam is an unfair measure of a student's high school learning and knowledge. A student works for 4 years and writes numerous papers and takes countless tests for dozens of teachers that have already stamped their seal of approval on the student's merit. These individual teachers have seen the performance and learning each student has in that given subject and has assigned each student a letter grade which measures that student's achievement in each subject. Now the state is saying that all those grades and teacher assessments are totally worthless as to whether the student is ready to graduate and has earned a diploma.

This standardized test is given over the course of several hours on one ...

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