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Advertising and Public Relations

The specifci case study questions posted by the student were:
1. Your company has decided to become the American producer of Chocomel, a Dutch soda that tastes like chocolate mousse. It is made from partially creamed milk, sugar, cocoa, and stabilizers. The price for one glass bottle will be $1.09. You are responsible for developing several advertisements for Chocomel. Name five common advertising appeals. For each appeal, give an example of a Chocomel advertisement message using that appeal.

The solution for this part includes defining the target appeals of fear, humor, rational, sex and bandwagon. By using the example product Chocomel, advertising examples targeting each appeal is provided. There is also a reference supporting the five common types of appeals.

2. Eighty percent of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. In a large majority of women, the morning sickness is alleviated by ginger. Your company has developed Gin-Gins, an all-natural hard candy made from real ginger. You are responsible for developing advertisements for Gin-Gins. Name six common advertising executional styles. Then briefly describe how you would design five different Gin-Gins advertisements (one for each executional style you have listed).

How an advertising message is delivered depends on the target audience. The executional styles include lifestyle, fantasy, mood or image, musical, testimonial and scientific evidence. The solution provides a reference in support of defining these styles; while also providing a marketing example using the product Gin-Gins.

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1. Five of the most common consumer appeals that companies target are fear, humor, rational, sex and bandwagon (reference below). The reason these specific appeals are so common is that each is connected to core human nature in what consumers consider as wants and needs. When capitalizing on the appeal of fear, Chocomel could target one of the biggest concerns that many consumers have - weight gain. Particularly during the holiday season, when there are many calorie laden treats, Chocomel could be advertised as the "thin" option. Perhaps a simple tag-line such as "Skip the egg nog and pumpkin pie, grab a Chocomel with 50 percent less calories. Your waistline will thank you!" Humor is an appeal used to grab consumer attention and often create a "feel good" sense about a product. A commercial for this could show a family at the dinner table, with children asking for dessert. The stern mother replies not until their plates are cleaned. The father agrees, then sneaks off to the kitchen. He is seen drinking a Chocomel and wiping his mouth before returning to the table - and ...

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This two-part case defines five common appeals used in marketing: fear, humor, rational, sex and bandwagon. Examples of how to utilize each are provided via a fabricated product called Chocomel in which an advertising suggestion is made for each of the five appeals. The second part of this solution addresses six common executional styles in delivering a message. The product utilized in this solution is that of Gin-Gins, a candy designed to help ease morning sickness. This solution is around 700 words and includes two references.