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Strategic Planning with an Employment Services Center

You are an outside consultant who has been hired to complete a formal strategic plan for the Ruby Lake One Stop Center in Riverbend City. Please use the attached transcript as the foundation to create your strategic plan. To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to submit a strategic plan that includes the following pieces:

1. Executive Summary. The executive summary is a condensed version of the plan, including recommendations.

2. Introduction (1-2 paragraphs). The introduction should provide a brief overview of the simulation, answering questions such as:
(a) What organization is being analyzed?
(b) Who are the players?
(c) What are the main issues being debated?

3. Mission Statement (1-2 paragraphs) A mission statement is an inspiring and targeted declaration of purpose. Clarify the following in your mission statement:
(a) What is the organization?
(b) Why does it exist?
(c) What is its philosophy or what are its values?
(d) Who are the stakeholders that it needs to satisfy to be considered successful?

4. Vision of Success (2 paragraphs). The vision of success statement is more externally focused and describes what the organization should look like once it has successfully implemented its strategies. The intent of the vision of success statement is to give external stakeholders a vision of what their advocacy can help accomplish.

(See attachment for transcript)


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1. Ruby Lake One Stop Center is a neighborhood career or employment services center operated as a non-profit entity for local citizens and job seekers. The organization is facing tough times due to a decline in manufacturing jobs. The organization is planning to revamp its strategic plan in order to become more effective in creating longer term job opportunities for job seekers in the area. The organization is planning to address the challenges faced by job seekers by effectively addressing the needs of the employers, by providing relevant training to job seekers so they can develop skill sets desired by the employers. The organization is planning to identify new sources of funding for the various programs and initiatives of the organization, so that the financial burden on the organization for such new initiatives is minimal. The organization is revamping its mission to reflect the new strategic direction of the organization.

2. The following report summarizes the strategic planning process of Ruby Lake One Stop Center, a non-profit neighborhood employment services provider. The report highlights ...

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