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    Salesperson training: three scenarios with problem customers and problem resolution

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    You've been informed that a new, less seasoned salesperson is joining the team. You and the other salespeople need to train the new salesperson.

    Group Portion

    Use the Small Group Discussion Board to specify at least three different scenarios with three different types of problem customers.

    Individual Portion

    Individually, choose one of the problem customers and write a short training presentation detailing how you would resolve the situation. Include the 7 Problem Resolution and Recovery Procedures.

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    The very first thing which is most important and a Sales Trainee should keep in his/her mind that every thing on this earth is saleable, if approach is correct. The selling approach can be different in different scenarios.

    Before selling any product, Sales Trainee must possess good knowledge about his product and the areas in which his product is better than the competitor's one. And should have faith and must be confident about his product.


    I would be covering 3 different scenarios with 3 different types of problems.

    They are:



    In this scenario of car market, there are only few no. of sellers in any country. But these Organizations have launched many different products in almost all the segments:-like middle class, average class, executive class, royal class and sports class.

    In this scenario customer don't get confuse in deciding a product which he wants to buy. This time a customer is emphasizing more on the services providing by the Organizations in comparison to competitor.

    A Sales Trainee should always try to emphasize on those services and features of the product which are either not available in competitor's product or better than the competitor's product.

    Customer might not know about the best use of that product and services of that product. Therefore, a Sales Trainee should always try to innovate some more usage and services which a customer can enjoy, if he/she opts to buy that product.

    Sales Trainee should always try to give every customer, a feeling of pride and honor, especially at the time of handing over the keys of his/her car. Sales Trainee should always try to give a Royal treatment to the customer to make him/her feel that, he is not just buying a product, but getting an honor to be a part of that ...

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    This solution provides an explanation detailing how to properly train a new sales associate. The expert provides three scenarios with potential problem customers, and also provides solutions on how to overcome these problems.