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Accounts receivable balance

Elway Company ages its accounts receivable to estimate bad debts for financial statement purposes.
President Elway is at a meeting with creditors and needs to know his total accounts receivable balance. Unfortunately, Elway picked up the wrong computer report and has, instead, a summary printout of the company's estimated bad debts as follows:

Age of Receivable Bad Debt % uncollectible
0-30 days $ 1,750 0.5%
31-60 days 1,500 1.5%
61-120 days 4,000 8.0%
more than 120 days 17,500 70.0%

Calculate the accounts receivable balance based on Elway's bad debt summary.


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Since we are given the % uncollectible, then the bad debt amount would be calculated as Receivable balance X % uncollectible = Bad Debt. What is ...

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The solution explains how to calculate the accounts receivable balance based on the bad debt summary.