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Real or Hypothetical Professional Workplace Dilemma

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Professional Workplace Dilemma

Prepare paper analyzing a professional dilemma and values conflict that you experienced before you began your major course of study or during your program of studies at the University of Phoenix. Be sure to complete all three sections of the assignment.
Describe the experience:
a. What was the ethical issue you experienced?
b. Who was involved? (Please use only first names or initials for the participants.)
c. What was the relationship of the other individual(s) to you?
Analyze the ethical dilemma:
a. Was there a difference in power and authority? Explain.
b. What were the ethics in question?
c. What personal values were in conflict?
d. What were the potential outcomes?
e. What were the potential consequences to you and the other parties involved?

Evaluate the outcome
a. What was the outcome at the time?
b. What were the consequences to you and the other parties involved?
c. Based on what you have learned since you began your program of study at the University of Phoenix and through your continuing work experience, would you handle the situation differently or in the same way? Explain.

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Professional Workplace Dilemma

Starting in late 1999 I was working for a local publishing concern which was acquired by a national publishing company shortly after I began my employment there. In the beginning I thought this represented a growth opportunity for me and the other employees, as the previous management team had been very cliquish in nature and allowed virtually no opportunity for employee advancement. A year and 2 company presidents later, I began to see things differently as the 3rd president began to take what had been a profitable business apart piece by piece. She discontinued product lines, outsourced work at a higher cost, and alienated key vendor-partners all in the midst of the horrendous economic downturn that came after the 9/11 attacks. Almost needless to say, these actions resulted in a drop off in revenue in response to which this president "restructured" the company resulting in job losses for many.

The ethical dilemma I faced came in a meeting the 3rd president put together in response to the predictably serious low ...

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