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    ng dye markers for the United States Navy. By the time the war was over Revlon was making
    There are many fortune 500 companies today the one I have choosen is revlon which just happens to be a cosmetic company that is also quite diversified. The company was founded in 1932, over 75 years ago by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph and a friend who was a chemist named Charles lachman who provided the "L" in the Revlon name (corporate, 2007). The amazing part of this company is they started out with just one product nail enamel. By the 1940's Revlon had helped in the war effort by manufacturing first aid kits and maki manicure and pedicure instruments.

    In 1955 Revlon would be listed on the NYSE (corporate, 2007). Again in 1993, Revlon along with the Entertainment Industry Foundation joined forces for the RevonRun/Walk for women and cancer research and to raise money for the cause. This program is now 10 years old and has slowly evolved into one of the largest 5k fundraising events. So far over 40 million dollars has been raised for cancer research, counseling and outreach programs (RevlonRun/walk, 2007). Not bad for a company that started out selling nail enamel.

    What is the general content of the press releases? To give the consumer onformation about the company and perhaps sway consumers to buy products from Revlon rather than their competition. With the press releases telling about their involvement with cancer fundraising Revlon is reaching out to a new target group people that have had cancer or to their family and friends. The press releases tell how involved Revlon has become and how they are trying to motivate people to join with them to raise money. In turn this also brings advertising for Revlon and genrates new customers.

    What was accomplished in the communication? raising the level of consumer awareness that Revlon is not just a cosmetic company as their image would have you to believe. Revlon has accomplished with the press release a form of communication that images are misleading this company may have started out with one simple product and through the years they have achieved much more and that women were not just their target segment. The company was ahead of it's time.

    Were the press releases related in anyway to each other or to major news? The press releases were related to major news the focus on how Revlon choose to help raise funds for cancer research and how they partnered with another group to reach out to a larger segment of the population and that their primary focus is not just on cosmetics and hair care products. The RevlonRun/Walk is now going strong in NewYork and LosAngles in these two states they run to raise money for cancer (RevlonRun/Walk, 2007). It is major news when a company such as Revlon partners with another and it is not for a public relations effort but for a viable way to promote cancer research awarness. This shows that Revlon cares about their customers. How many companies actually try to reach out to people and not sell anything the run/walk is just that it does not sell revlon products to the people who join in on the run/walk. Many companies today are in the news for reason other than charity for Revlon they are in the news for charity which makes them a worth while company for many customers.

    Did the company send a consistent and coherent message? In my opinion Revlon sent a clear and consistent as well as a coherent message that this company is not just one dimensional but it is one that happens to be quite diversified and has found a new way to branch out with out having to sell cosmetics. It appears that Revlon's main focus is on consumers around the world can participate in the run/walk that is put together in May. Revlon is a company that has found a new way to focus on their customers and to reach out to them in a unique way by not offering cosmetics but offering a way to raise money for cancer that has no involvement with cosemtics or haircare products. Their message is focused on consumer awareness by not using their products to be the issue for the cancer research they have used the run/walk to be the focal point for the company. Their message is one that says they are more concerned with people than with money. This puts them ahead of their competition by going above and beyond what many companies do.


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    The media feels that Revlon has been able to create a movement in which women are widely involved. The media feels that the event has a good cause combating women's cancers through pledges and donations. The media is impressed by the participation of celebrities like Sheryl Crow, Sher Jackson, and Mandy Moore.
    The media is also impressed by the institutions that are beneficiaries of the Revlon walk/run. For instance, the names of UCLA Women's Cancer Research Program, the Wellness Community and Watts Health Foundation Mobile Mammography Center have appeared in press. It is the impressive list of beneficiary companies that make the Revlon Walk an event that media likes. There is a list of carefully selected beneficiaries like Gilda Radner ...

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