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Psychological Testing and Employment

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Discuss psychological testing in personnel selection. Please cite relevant APA ethical codes. Thank you for your help.

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Lots of good info. This is not a complete answer, but I found some of the best, recent work on the subject.

Discuss psychological testing in personnel selection.
Please cite relevant APA ethical codes.

Recently, the general attitude towards personality assessment has improved. Most of the evidence strongly suggests that these work, and work well. Human resources have come a long way in building detailed personality traits and dispositions relative to different positions in an organization. Prior to that, there were questions of rigor and even the basic definition of personality and the applicability of isolating traits from the person as a whole. For the most part, much of this, relative to the bureaucratic chain of command in an office, has been solved.

When these tests became faddish in the 1970s, massive swings in significance and validity were based on small sample size and the problematic nature of the tests themselves. There was a point at this time where certain HR people argued that for each situation, a custom test needed to be written given the differences and context, organizational culture, etc. In addition, cognitive measures have also become very accurate in that their predicative ability, coupled with personality type, is very impressive. Unfortunately, this has done no one any good:

Despite the apparent predictive validity and high utility offered by cognitive ability testing, few companies use them as selection tools. One reason for this is that cognitive ability testing has been demonstrated to produce group differences or adverse impact.

Black and Hispanic test takers almost always scored much lower than white and Asians in the same office, with the same general ...

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