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Project proposal

Write a project proposal: How to lead and meet the needs of the customer rather than the bureaucracy.

Start with a brief description of the topic, then write about leadership concepts and dimensions. Talk about customer needs which lead to customer satisfaction, and then discuss the relationship between the organization's structure and the leadership style which influence many factors, such as the environmental factors.

Set three to four project objectives

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How to lead and meet the needs of the customer rather than the bureaucracy?

When a person leads, he rules and inspires others. The leaders must have vision, initiative, and the courage to achieve his goals. In the context of meeting the needs of the customers, the leader anticipates the needs of the customers and develops his products, services and operations to meet the needs of the customer. He seeks feedback from the customers and modifies the strategies of his company to meet the requirements of the customers. The leader takes initiative in talking to the customer, he prioritizes their needs more than the needs of the company, and he talks of customer needs to all employees and persuades them to meet the needs of the employees. He is very clear about the particular needs of the customer and is able to articulate their needs. The leaders are open to new needs of the customer and have the dedication to fulfill those needs.

The leadership concept means the act of leading. The act of providing a new direction. In addition, the leader gets things done. Leaders are good at managing people, have emotional intelligence, and make ...

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