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Production budget

E24-2 Wayans Company produces and sells two types of automobile batteries, the heavy-duty HD-240 and the long-life LL-250. The 2005 sales budget for the two products is as follows.

Quarter HD-240 LL-250

1 5,000 10,000
2 7,000 18,000
3 8,000 20,000
4 10,000 35,000

The January 1, 2005, inventory of HD-240 and LL-250 units is 2,000 and 4,000, respectively. Management desires an ending inventory each quarter equal to 40% of the next quarter's sales. Sales in the first quarter of 2006 are expected to be 30% higher than sales in the same quarter in 2005. Prepare quarterly production budgets.

Prepare separate quarterly production budgets for each product by quarters for 2005.


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