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Product or services commodities (Pricing Course)

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Some products and services are widely perceived as commodities. Still some companies build sustainable product advantages for even those products. How do they do it? Cite at least two examples from your own experiences.

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A commodity is at least partially fungible product or service, which means that individual units are capable of mutual substitution. For a service example, the electric service that is going to your house is supplied by Company A; but you could switch your electric service to Company B without being able to tell the difference. A product example could be when you go to the grocery store and see eggs from Company C and Company D it would be ...

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Describe the elements of the marketing mix
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? price, and
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(no definitions, identify in below)

Select and specifically identify an organization and the industry in which it exists. Use real life examples to assure you understand course materials.

? How each one of the four elements of the marketing mix affects the development of the organization's marketing strategy and tactics.
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