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    Product Management

    Product management is crucial to maintaining the lifecycle of a product within a business’s product offerings.  It deals with the planning, marketing, forecasting and maintenance of a product or multiple products at each stage of the product lifecycle. One of the goals of product management is to reduce development and marketing costs all the while still maximizing profit, sales, and revenue. A product manager is primarily responsible for analyzing market conditions and defining important features of a product/service that will eventually be marketed to potential customers. The job description varies depending on the organizational structure of the company, however, two common roles within product management are product development and product marketing. These roles work together in order to maximize sales revenue and profit margins. Product management often bridges gaps between different teams within a company, for example, the engineering team that designs the products and the commercial team that will design the value proposition. 

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    The Product Lifecycle

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    The product lifecycle is an analysis that identifies common stages in the life of products or services. This may include introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

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    Principals of Marketing: Products

    Product Virtual reality was once billed as the next big disruptive technology when it was introduced to consumers through video games in the 1990s, and since became widely used for a wide variety of training applications in industry and government. So one would think that over 20 years after the introduction of virtual reality

    Open Innovation

    Find and read the following paper. Then answer the questions below. Chesbrough, H. (2004). Managing open innovation. Research-Technology Management, 47(1), 23-26. 1)How is innovation changing, and what are the key determinants? Do you agree? If not, what theory / literature can you find to contest the author's main arguments

    Business Plan

    write a business plan. The business plan should be 5-10 pages (excluding title page, table of content and reference page

    Marketing Mix Innovations Identified

    Identify one innovative product (a good or a service) that you find interesting. ● Why is this offering an innovation? (Relate your answer to the text's definition of an innovation.) ● What type of innovation is it--continuous, dynamically continuous, or discontinuous? Functional, aesthetic, symbolic? ●

    A failure product now a success

    When Apple stores were launch in 2001, many questioned their prospects and Business Week published an article titled, 'Sorry steve, Here's Why Apple Stores Won't Work. Fast forward five years, and Apple was celebrating the launch of its spectacular new manhattan show case store. With almost 275 locations by the ends of 2009, net

    Developing a Business Plan Draft

    The outline attached can be used as a guide to begin drafting a business plan. I also need help conducting an industry analysis for the company, including a discussion of the state of the macroeconomics industry in the last five years. Also establishing the financial statement structure to identify details required for the

    Key Fob connected to a loyalty Program

    Many of us have key fobs connected to loyalty programs. Take a look at the programs you and your family participate in. Which ones do you utilized the most, and why? If you do not participate in these programs, why not? Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2012). Marketing management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

    Health Care: Strategic Management

    1. Differentiate what ways strategy development in a hospital or multi-group physician setting is more complex than other business entities? Debate if a profit target is a legitimate aspect of a not-for-profit organization's vision? Propose some examples of assumed assumptions in health care and discuss under what conditions ass

    New Product Pricing Strategies

    Product that was created: USB Thermo electric Cooler/Warmer Brand Name: Get up and go This is a unique product for students and office goers. Often, at school or college or at the office, the shared refrigerator or coffee maker is not accessible or is too long a walk to access. Shared refrigerators can also mean that someon

    Market Segmentation with Venn Diagrams

    I have to create a Venn diagram. First step I have to create an original product. Describe the product and explain its use and purpose. Second step I have to create a Venn diagram. I have to Mark each segment (three or more) of the market that my product will impact. also, Explain how it will impact that market segment. E

    Advertising Using the AIDA Approach

    Create a new advertising message for a company of your choice using Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA). Determine the fundamental manner in which you will measure the effectiveness of the advertising message and how it aligns with corporate strategy

    Product Postioning & Corporate Strategy.

    How is product positioning is aligned with McDonald's corporate strategy? Identify potential gaps in the product line or weaknesses in positioning. Describe the relevance of the EPS/EBIT chart and why it is significant with respect to strategy.

    Healthcare and Product-Market Expansion Grid

    Interpret the importance of continually pursuing opportunities for growth within the health care marketplace, and identify expansion opportunities available to health care institutions through the use of Igor Ansoff's Product-Market Expansion Grid. Provide support for your response. Assess the critical pursuit of identity man

    NRV and Physical Units Method of Allocation

    Breakfast time cereal company manufactures two breakfast cereals in a joint process. Cost and quantity information is as follows: Joint Cost Cereal Quantity at splitt-off Point Sales Price per Kilogram $30,000 Yummies 12,000 kilograms $2.00 Crummies

    Total cost function and the production line

    1. A company produces table and chairs with the following total cost function TC=10,000+10Q+0.1Q2 in which Q=quantity of chairs produced. If the company can sell as many chairs it wishes at the current market price of $45, how many chairs should it produce to maximize its short-run profits? 2. A production with the form Q=15

    The New Coke Brand Failure

    Pick a product failure (e.g. a food brand introduction, an electronic gadget, a car, a toy) and analyze the failure of the marketing communications plan that was used. Refer to the textbook to support your answers. A) Describe the product and the scenario around the product failure. Analyze what caused the product to fail. Back-

    Pepsi print advertisement analysis

    Analysis of a print advertisement Guidelines: You have to write about the following for 1. what is the message theme for Pepsi print advertisement? 2. what is the leverage point (attribute-benefit-personal value) for Pepsi print advertisement? 3. what is the appeal for Pepsi print advertisement? 4. executional framework f

    Product Concept Evaluation

    A food company wants to develop a new salad-dressing powder. The consumer mixes the powder with water, shakes the bottle, and you get fresh dressing. The company is trying to compete against another company that has a powdered dressing that is mixed with oil and vinegar. The company plans to conduct blindfold taste tests, asking

    The Customer and The Consumer

    I need some help defining customer and consumer and retention marketing, with also stating their similarities and differences.

    Product Strategy: New Products

    Please take a look at Proctor and Gamble products (http://www.pg.com/en_US/brands/all_brands.shtml). Proctor and Gamble makes my favorite perfume; Dolce& Gabbana. Did you know P&G had some many brands? Do you see P & G brand withstanding another 100 years? Explain.

    Strategic Marketing of Pepsi

    Please give me some examples for the following: - Describe the kind of promotion you would expect to see for Pepsi product and why you would expect to see this promotion. - Do you believe these promotional strategies are appropriate to the target market and position of the company that makes your product? Why or why not?

    Vendor Management

    I need help with the following question please: Sony is part of vendor managed inventory. What is this and why is it important?

    P & G Pet Food Launch in Mexico

    I need some help with the following scenario: As the Marketing Manager for Proctor and Gamble's Pet Nutrition and Care division you have been asked to consider launching a new dog food product in Mexico. What factors would you consider?

    Herrestad Company Special order for product C

    Differential analysis involves knowing which costs are relevant, i.e. future costs that vary among alternatives. It is important to know what information to use and not just how to execute the analysis. Herrestad Company receives an offer to make a new product, called C, for a new customer. The customer wants to buy 1,000 uni

    Comparison of activity based and conventional product costs

    Comparison of activity based and conventional product costs : manufacturer fantastique fashions Ltd has switched from a conventional product costing system to an activity-based product costing system to assign manufacturing overhead costs to product. The table below shows the cost per unit for two products under the two costi


    You work for a company that makes children's clothing. You have manufactured over a million units of a new summer dress for little girls. But the maker of the cloth made a mistake and used a material that can catch fire very easily. Your dresses do not meet US standards and cannot be sold in this country. Your manager points out

    Manufacturing New Technologies

    Question 1 More manufacturers are using new technologies to move toward "mass customization" in their product offerings. Have you seen a similar move among marketers? Question 2 Many companies offer free samples as part of a promotional campaign. This approach extends beyond the grocery store or retail outlet into large or

    Product Management: Black and Decker

    Write a paper using an organization of your choice, in which you address the following: Discuss how non-sales business functions affect the sales function for the organization. Discuss, and provide examples, of how the sales functions of your selected organization are affected by other non-sales business activities. Dis