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Principles of Multicausality and the Human Service Field

What are the core principles of multicausality. Please explain how this concept is central to understanding the human service field. Provide an example of how ignoring multicausality might lead to an inadequate strategy of intervention when attempting to manage a specific problem. Include at least three of the principles of multicausality?

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The Core Principles of Multicausality:

Multicausality entails the nature of having many causes in one single variable. The knowledge behind this term is based on the fact that the concept of the cause and causal inferences are mostly connected. The multicausality in the social determination is utilized in the act of understanding the human process. The term multi means many diverse entities that are coupled into one unit. Causality on the other hand means the relationships that exist between the causes and effects. The act of understanding which phenomenon causes the other enables the human to cope with the separate entities that are in the environment. Through this connection, a greater understanding of the world is attained leading to the solutions of any encountered problems. The relationships that are in existence between the cause and the effect variables are complex. This is the reason as to why the use of multicausality would be the best angle through which the human behavior can be explored.

Multicausality Central in the Understanding of the Human Service Field:

The field of the human service is termed as an entity that has its objectives set in the meeting the needs of the human. This attained through the knowledge base that focuses on the prevention of certain situations in the leaving ...

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