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Stratsim Simulation

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Analysis of team Team D ( Driven Motor Co.). Products are Delta and Deluxe.

1. Based on all information attached word and pdf file. can you identify Team D competition and provide summary information regarding competitor standing, performance, etc. Based on the data and from external research as appropriate, discuss the competition using Porters Five Forces Model (use sub-headings in this section).( 3 pages, APA).

2. Analyze the Team D's external environment (both that of the industry and the broader, general environment), focusing especially on external threats and opportunities. also include an examination of the Key Success Factors (KSF's) that are necessary for operating successfully within this industry. (These are the competencies that all firms like yours must possess).

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Stratsim Simulation

Team D (Driven Motor company competition):

Within the stratsim environment there are several competitors available within the automobile dealership. The various competitors to the Driven Motor company competition include the Amazing car, Best Motor Works, cool cars, efficient motors, and fabulous cars. The main commodity that driven Motor Company is involved in producing is the Delta and Deluxe. The total sales of the commodities which are generated buy the company from the two products include 4.2 million dollars and a net income of 0.4 million dollars.

From the available values, the leading competitors among the Driven motors company include the Amazing cars, Best Motor works, and cool cars whose main products are alpha and Alec, Beta and Bingo, and Chi and Cozi. All the three firms have recorded a sale of 7.8 million dollars and a net income of 0.4 million dollars which arise form the different vehicle sale that the companies are involved in selling. Other than the already mentioned competitors in the industry, there are efficient motors and fabulous brands who are involved in the sale of Epsilon and empress, fantastic and first class vehicles. The vehicle products has resulted on their generation of 4.2 million dollars as net sales and 0.4 million dollars as the net income.
Driven Motor company's vehicle products such as Delta and Deluxe belong to a class of Family and luxury respectively. This has attracted customers from different segments as customers are known to have different tastes and preferences in the industry. Competition in the industry can however be analyzed through the use of a Porter's Five Forces model.

Porter's analysis: supplier power:

The various Porter's five forces include the buyer power, threat of substitutes, threat of new entrants, and the supplier power. The supplier power refers to the various strengths that a firm's supplier's hold over the existing competitors in the industry for instance input differentiation, product volume, and availability of input substitutes among others.

Taking into consideration the supplier power, the industry has various suppliers who have made available different inputs which are used by the players in the industry to design their vehicle commodities for instance; the use of different amounts of technological inputs by the suppliers ...

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