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    PERT/CPM network and critical path

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    1) Organizers for a political convention have determined ten activities that must be done before the convention begins.

    Activity Immediate Predecessors Time (Weeks)
    A --- 10
    B A 4
    C B 2
    D B 2
    E A 6
    F A, C 3
    G D 4
    H F, G 6
    I D 5
    J E 4

    a. Draw out the PERT/CPM network for the project.
    b. Identify the critical path.
    c. Determine how many weeks prior to the convention the work must begin.

    Thank you in advance for your insight.

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    The solution draws the PERT/CPM network for the project, identifies the critical path and determines the duration of the project.