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Organizational Functions and Structures

Xenia, I need your help with the following questions:

1. How do organizational functions impact organizational structures? How do your organization's functions impact its organizational structure?

2. How do organizational structures impact organizational functions? How does your organization's structure impact its organizational functions?

3. What is management's role in organizing human capital? Does this role vary from organization to organization? Why or why not?

Solution Summary

The solution looks at the principles behind the planning and creation of the way organizations are structured as influenced by the nature of the organization, its goals and primary reasons for establishment and the various junctures in which its functions come into play in terms of planning, enforcing & establishing the organization. Furthermore it discusses the manner in which human capital is organized into the structure as influenced by the varied functions necessary for the smooth running of the organization; to do this, the solution provides minute case studies of organizations like Starbucks & the student's own employing company, WebPros.