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    Organizational Functions and Structures

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    Xenia, I need your help with the following questions:

    1. How do organizational functions impact organizational structures? How do your organization's functions impact its organizational structure?

    2. How do organizational structures impact organizational functions? How does your organization's structure impact its organizational functions?

    3. What is management's role in organizing human capital? Does this role vary from organization to organization? Why or why not?

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    Organizational Functions Impacting Structure

    When a company or any organization is put together, the initial structure depends a lot on what the organization is all about. If it is an NGO for instance aimed at raising awareness or funds the structure is all about achieving goals & functionality of each department eventually is the deciding factor in how the organization is structured. The Functions of management is all about creative problem solving and when applied to the structuring of organizations, it is meant to create a structure wherein communication is efficient & the workflow seamless no matter what form the organization takes or what type - informal or formal. Functions of management aside (planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling) we can identify two subgroups of managers in any given organization: coordinators & operators. Coordinators manage departments & interact with each other, communication being key at achieving goals seamlessly; operators are specialists focused only on the task at hand requiring highly specific skills requiring more of the coordinators to interact in their behalf with the rest of the organization so as to allow them to concentrate with their work.

    Now, with this information in mind let us look at the task of creating an organizational structure impacted by functions. Let us begin with the CEO & the board. Let's say they want to create an I.T. Company that specialises in Web Design offering cutting edge but affordable services to a specific clientele - hotels & tourism related businesses. The CEO & the board will engage in planning & organizing the structure based on a business plan. The key functions here is planning & organizing. The CEO would in all probability be an I.T. expert himself or a tourism expert. If he was the former, then he will take on a hotel-tourism consultant specialist to advise him on the market he chose to target to best reach them and provide suitable products for their needs. Slowly a picture will emerge - this is a picture of what hotels & tourism companies need and the products & services will be tailored to that, even the price. The main functions of the company in relation to what it will become ...

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    The solution looks at the principles behind the planning and creation of the way organizations are structured as influenced by the nature of the organization, its goals and primary reasons for establishment and the various junctures in which its functions come into play in terms of planning, enforcing & establishing the organization. Furthermore it discusses the manner in which human capital is organized into the structure as influenced by the varied functions necessary for the smooth running of the organization; to do this, the solution provides minute case studies of organizations like Starbucks & the student's own employing company, WebPros.