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Nadler-Tushman congruence model input categories

The Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model Cites four input categories.

- Environment (factors external to the organization)
- Resources (factors internal to the organization)
- Organizational history (persistent traditions)
- Strategy (Goals, objectives and strategic initiatives)

Please discuss the above Inputs in the context Google as specifically as possible.

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Environment of Google: Google is facing strong competition from internet service providers. The environment also is one where the reach of internet is increasing very fast. The customers are demanding more services from internet service providers. There is global increase of e-commerce and online shopping and making payments is increasing. Overall, the internet based economy is growing. Social networking is becoming more important.
Resources: The most important resources that Google has are its ...

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The answer to this problem explains how an input output model can be applied to Google. The references related to the answer are also included.