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Mock interview for response to leadership skill and style questions

Mock interview.

Pick any two of the following six interview questions and write a short answer response on any TWO of them. Write as if someone asked you this question in a job interview; draw from your personal experience on the response. Your answers should not be geared to someone WITHOUT academic knowledge of the topic of leadership.

Describe your top three leadership skills.
Tell me about the best leader you have worked for. What made him or her successful?
Tell me about a time you had to take on an unexpected leadership role.

Describe your leadership style.
What is your biggest weakness as a leader?
What leadership trait would you like to develop and how do you plan on making strides in that direction this year?

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A supervisor for my department was required to take a leave of absence to care for a family member, due to emergency surgery and rehabilitation. I was appointed to take her place for 2 months. The role seemed daunting at first. However, my co-workers seemed to take the change in supervision in stride. A few made jokes about the ...

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A Mock interview for response to leadership skills and styles are examined.