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McDonald's and its Franchises (10 Questions)

In 2002 there were more than 30,000 McDonald's restaurants in the world. Of these, approximately 14,000 were in the US. In Great Britain there was 1,116 McDonald's franchise. The follow data are taken from those 1,116 McDonald's

Total employees: 49,726
Office staff 545
The rest are restaurant workers
Total employees 20 year old and under 34,241
Total employees between 21 and 29 years old 10,607
Total male employees 27,546

Using these data to answer the questions that follow
1. What is the total number of restaurant workers in McDonald's franchises in Great Britain?
2. How many of the employees mentioned are of age 30 or older
3. How many of the employees were females
4. Divide total number of employees by the number of franchises to determine approximately how many employees are in each McDonald's in Great Britain.
5. Assume that each franchise decided to give each employee a $125 bonus. If you use your result from question 4, how much would that cost each franchise?
6. What would the total cost of the $125 bonus be for all of the employees?
7. Assume that there are 45 employees in each of the US McDonald's approximately how many people would be employed by McDonald's in the United States.
8. If health care cost $400 per month for one employee, what would the annual cost for health care be?
9. Use the results of questions 7 and 8 to approximate the cost to McDonald's of providing health care for all its workers
10. Go to the web site for this text to find the total profit made by McDonald in 2002. This required an internet search

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