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Simplex Method for John's Yachts

Captain John's Yachts, Inc., located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, rents three types of oceangoing boats: sailboats, cabin cruisers, and Captain Jon's favorite, the luxury yachts. Captain John advertises his boats with his famous "you rent - we pilot" slogan, which means that they company supplies the captain and crew for each rented boat. Each rented boat has one captain, of course, but the crew sizes (deck hands, galley hands, etc) differ. The crew requirements, in addition to a captain, are one for sailboats, two for cabin cruisers, and three for yachts. Then employees are captains, and an additional 18 employees fille the various crew positions. Currently, Captain John has rental requests for all of his boats: four sailboats, eight cabin cruisers, and three luxury yachts. Captain John's daily profit contribution is $50 for sailboats, $70 for cruiser, and $100 for luxury yachts, how many boats of each type should he rent?

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This posting provides formulation and solution of a linear programming problem using simplex method for Captain John's Yachts to identify number of boats that should be hired.