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Action-Cal has been a success for Conglom: Considerations for international markets

Action-Cal has been on the market for six months, and it's a runaway success! Not only is it popular with your initial target group, 'tweens, but the newly-launched "light" (low-fat, low-sugar) version is a hit with women in the 18-25 year old age group.

Conglom's marketing director presented "The Action-Cal Success Story" at a conference and was approached by several European distributors. They expressed interest in taking Action-Cal overseas. As a marketing strategist, what will you need to consider when contemplating entering the international marketplace?

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Some things to consider:

- Would Europeans like this product? Many Europeans eat very healthy, so that might be good, but maybe they prefer more "natural" food that is not processed.

- Are Europeans into the ...

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The 142 word solution provides a list of questions for things to consider when approaching the international markeplace.