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Assess Human Capital Needs - Necessary and Accurate

You are conducting a job analysis. You have talked to the manager about the position and now have made arrangements to observe an employee performing the tasks. The employee saw you talking to the manager and does not understand what is happening. He is afraid that his job is in jeopardy.

Talk about the various behaviors that might have given you a clue that the employee is concerned. What would you say to him to reassure him while getting the information you need? Address every concern or question that he might ask.

Later you tell the manager what occurred. How can you be sure you captured all the necessary information and that it is accurate? You want to be sure that at least you have the essential functions of the job.

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Assessment of Human Capital Needs

Job Analysis
As we all are aware with the fact that job analysis is a systematic process of gathering information about work, jobs and the relationship among jobs so here in the given case we can confer that the concern of the employee can be illustrated with his more attention toward his work along with extra efforts towards handling his responsibilities (Bratton & ...

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The solution assesses human capital needs. The various behaviors that might have given a clue about a employee is determined.