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Role of consultant reporting to Carl Schmidt & Steven McFadden

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Your memo for this assignment will focus on identifying the knowledge assets, knowledge needs, and knowledge management opportunities. You should look at these from the perspective of the various levels and groups of employees in the organization.

Taking the role of a consultant reporting to Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden, address the issues described above. They know the company well, so you don't have to give them a lot of background on their organization, but you should give them some in order to demonstrate that you understand the organization

Format for Dirt Bikes' Knowledge Management

The form your final case analysis/report should take is that of a management memorandum addressed to Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden.

Although they need details, they are very busy individuals. In your capacity as consultant to top management, you will definitely want to see that certain aspects are included for management's review. You have to tell your client why you are suggesting what you are suggesting, based on the theory, not just personal opinion! And you should tell them how to implement and evaluate your recommendations.

You should again use the Decision Making Framework for your memo.

I. Context

Overall context of the organization
Identify the knowledge assets that are available in the organization and describe how they are used

II. Identification of relevant problems or needs

III. Identification of Options or Alternatives. Within this section, it is appropriate to identify systems that are not appropriate for this organization and explain why they are not suitable I

V. Decision Recommendations

V. Implementation Tactics

VI. Assessment Criteria for Success or Failure

Questions to Consider for Dirt Bikes' Knowledge Management
As you prepare for this assignment, think about the following items

Context: Briefly describe the overall context of the organization
Knowledge assets: To begin, identify the knowledge assets that are available and describe how they are used by the various levels and functional groups of the organization
Knowledge assets needed: You need to identify knowledge assets that would benefit the company but are not currently available to the organization or are not being properly used
Knowledge management opportunities: You will be making recommendations for knowledge management systems that would be appropriate for the organization.

link: https://esc.angellearning.com/AngelUploads/Content/EMPU-8LUQZZ/_assoc/71e5633fbb4d1aa674bd7fb174360093/Dirt%20Bikes%20Case.htm

Textbook: Laudon and Laudon Management Informations Systems 12th edition

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Dirk Bike USA Memo:

Dirk Bikes USA is an independent Off-Road motorcycle manufacturing company that is located in Carbondale, Colorado. Initiated by two engineers who were enthusiastic about motorcycles, the company operations have been structured to create exemplary motorbikes designed with the use of unique techniques. This is the reason why the rates of satisfied customers are increasing globally. As the corporation strives to grow and reach out to an extended market base, there are some significant alterations and improvements that should be made in the organization (Norton, 2000).

Identification of the Company Knowledge Assets :

There are a lot of resources in the organization that will help the corporations to determine their competitive values in the target markets of operations. Since Carl Schmidt and Steve McFadden founded the organization after the realization that the dirt bikes were becoming popular in the USA, it is significant that this needs be met continuously. This will be achieved through the knowledge assets held in the organization which are inclusive of the following: the intellectual capacity that is held by the personnel of the company on how to generate dirt bikes that will constantly marvel the esteemed clients in the target market, the sales information that is held by the workforce on how to maximize the company the sales capacity of the organization and the ...

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