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    Marketing Information Systems

    Marketing information systems are interacting structures of people, equipment, methods, and controls designed to create an information flow that helps managers make decisions.² Marketing knowledge and expertise are a critical corporate resource for carrying out strategic decision making that supports market functions.¹ Marketing information systems allow managers to share knowledge and expertise. Traditional marketing information systems are limited in their support capabilities.¹

    How do marketing information systems differ from normal marketing systems? Usually, the marketing research department provides only a fraction of the data needed to make marketing decisions.² Marketing information systems provide a continuous study of marketing factors, rather than just intermittent examinations.² Additionally, they use far more data sources, both internal and external. MIS systems accept the responsibility for receiving, analyzing, and distilling a far greater volume of information than market research.²

    Why is there a need for marketing information systems? Because there is an increased call for more data from businesses for better performance.² Businesses that once competed in local markets have been forced to expand nationally and internationally.² These companies may not know the marketplace outside of their original region. Additionally, product lifecycles have become shorter in recent times and so, more skillful management is required to squeeze out more profit.

    Furthermore, “More companies have grown so large that unless they make an intensive effort, such as the development of marketing information systems, their existing marketing information will be dispersed in so many places that its effective use will be virtually impossible."² Finally, business decisions today need to be made more quickly than in the past. Marketing information systems must be developed to provide information for rapid decision-making.²


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    It is Urgent. Thank you.

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