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    market structure; impact of government regulations

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    Market Trends Paper
    Prepare a paper in which you describe market trends Ford Auto organization Industry will face. In the paper address how each of the following will change or will not change, and why:

    (a) Market structure
    (j) Impact of government regulations

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    Automobile Industry - Market Trend Paper

    We all are aware regarding the well recognized Ford Auto Organization that basically deals in an Automobile industry, which had seen numerous changes from the time of its inception till now. With the advancements of technology and rising prices of oil this industry had confronted numerous positive as well as negative changes. In present the automobile industry and the companies of the industry correspond with the "computers on wheels" for the reason that of the increasing number of digital systems under the hood and inside the passenger cabin.

    With each successive year of the industry, automobile manufacturers are trying to offer more sophisticated electronic systems that must address features like vehicle safety, telematics and infotainment (Automotive Industry Trends, 2009). Due to these sophisticated systems, the costs associated with the manufacturing of ...

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    The expert examines market structure and the impact of government regulations.