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Ethical diversity in employment decisions

A 3-4 page APA style paper addressing the attached topic and questions is attached. Can I please have guidance on these issues?


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1. The reason why diversity is an issue is because so many people and organizations have been accused of being biased in favor of one race or gender over another when it comes to hiring, promoting, or giving access to training. Several studies have corroborated this bias on the basis of numbers and percentages of one group over another, especially when the hiring and promotion pool does not reflect proportional opportunities. This situation can be improved by HR people and executives maintaining a broader view when selecting with diversity from the qualified applicants, making sure that they are qualified.
In the article "Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women" it was noted that while women are often mentored, their mentors do not always promote their mentees as vigorously in the workplace as they would men. It also pointed out that mentored or not, women with MBAs and great grades from great schools still make thousands less than their male counterparts in their first jobs. (H. Ibarra et al, 2010)
However, ...

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The ethical diversity in employment decisions are discussed.