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Leadership styles and motivation theory

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How does leadership style impact group communication?

Which contemporary motivation theory would motivate you the most? Why?

Choose one of these myths and provide evidence that it does not reflect reality by giving us an example that helps to dispel the idea.

Explain what you understand about this technique and provide feedback about how valuable you think it might be. Give an example of where it might be used.

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Impact of leadership style on group communication
How a leader facilitates communication among the members of a group may be affected by his leadership style. Communication is the transfer of information from the sender to the receiver. The focus is the transfer and understanding of meaning to target people or receivers. The functions of communication include: a) to control behaviour in several ways, b) to encourage motivation by clarifying to the members of the group what should be done, c) as a source of social interaction, d) to get things done in an organization.
Leadership is an ability to influence others (group members). To influence others toward performance, a leader should be an effective communicator - from clarifying goals, providing instructions, up to providing and getting feedback on performance. All of these are facilitated through effective communication.
The area on communication that may be influenced by leadership style of a leader is the direction or flow of communication. An autocratic leader communicates more by using ...

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How the leadership styles impact group communication is determined.