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Leadership Styles: Jean Chretien-Prime Minister in Canada

Good Day,
I am hoping an OTA can assist me.

I just completed my first draft of a paper for a leadership class. I was asked to read a book and pick excerpts from the book that describe Former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien's leadership.

Specifically,Chretien's leadership traits, styles and decision-making techniques.

I am hoping you can quickly read it over. It's only a page and a half. I am not sure I used the best technique to get my point across. I hope I did. Please tear it apart. I really like this class, and want to make a good impression. Usually,I complete draft 2 or 3 drafts prior to asking for an OTA help, however- all my proofreaders are MIA. I would appreciate any alteration you can offer.

Oh, and actually I need to make the paper only 1000 words. So again me being concise is required.

Also, I recognize this may be inconvenient, However- the sooner this is completed the better as it is due tomorrow morning. If you cannot help, I understand.

Thank you again,


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