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What are the key elements in continuous improvement process?

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What are the key elements in continuous improvement process?

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In researching your subject, I found continuous improvement ideas which focus on the individual (self discovery) and then also on the management of people from a company perspective. I suppose you are more interested in the management topic, but it is worth noting that the improvement process may be instituted by management, but it must be internalized by individuals.

Because there has been such a change in the treatment of employees in recent years, it becomes more and more important for management to appreciate and nurture their employees. The lack of loyalty common in the Y generation may have come about because of the employee treatment received by their parents and grandparents. The tide has turned because skilled ...

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The 432-word cited solution explains the nature of a continuous improvement process (CIP) from the management perspective as it relates to employees. The three key factors are listed together with a reference. Another source explains using CIP for customer-valued processes.