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    Visit the JABA website:

    Do an abstract search for the word "staff." Your search should return a number of articles. Review the titles to find a topic that is of interest to you. Read the article.

    Briefly discuss the intervention and how it was used to change the behavior of the staff.
    Identify if the intervention was effective, and if so, to what degree.
    Discuss how you could see using this intervention with a completely different population (i.e., students, your children, family members, clients with exceptional needs, etc...).

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    You have asked for assistance in searching for articles pertaining to the word "staff" and what interventions were put in place, if they were effective and if so to what degree. Finally, you want assistance in using this intervention with a different population. I will take you through the article found and summarize it, and then I will show you what intervention they used which should allow you with plenty of information to finish your assignment.

    As a Brainmass expert, I cannot write the essay for you, but I can guide you along finding your information and giving some suggestions. I do need to ask you that you don't copy and paste this response, but instead use it as a guide.

    The article found discusses bully behavior and staff implemented interventions. The authors presented a behavioral approach to the bully prevention and utilized it as a school-wide intervention. The goal is for the staff in the school to learn how to combat bullying behavior as well as teaching the students about bullying prevention and bystander activity.

    Bullying has increasingly become a problematic issue in schools all across the United States, even the world and is the most common school violence. "In an effort to respond to these deleterious effects, the present research involved the development, field testing, and experimental validation of a behavioral approach to effective and efficient school wide bully prevention, titled bully prevention in positive behavior support (BP-PBS)," (Ross and Horner, 2009).

    There are current bullying interventions but many of them don't work. One reason these haven't worked is due to the definition of bullying itself. Does it include verbal, emotional, AND physical abuse by students or just one of them? The interventions and experiments with them have shown positive change to some extent, but there are major problems with them too. This may be due to the type of ...

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