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International Business: Cultural conflicts with Coca-Cola.

Identify cultural conflicts or issues in the company you selected (Coca-Cola).

Identify and discuss the sources of conflict related to the culture of the country or countries where your Company does business?

Discuss why these conflicts occurred and who was involved.

Please be detailed with references.

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Coca Cola is the largest manufacturer in the beverage industry, which is headquartered United State. It is also the largest distributor in world, which offers non-alcoholic beverages to its customers around the globe. The business operation of Coca cola is operated in around 200 countries. The products and services of Coca Cola are sold worldwide through the licensed bottlers. It provides variety of products and services with around 400 brand names to its customer in order to fulfill and satisfy customer needs (The Coca Cola Company, 2010).

The cultural conflict arises when an organization expand its business from one country to another country because of the difference in culture, values and beliefs of two countries. Difference between the cultural environments of two countries results in cultural conflicts. The difference causes an increase in effectiveness of study of the culture of one country by the companies from other countries before making the decision of entry in particular company. The Coca-Cola Company has faced and is facing the cultural conflicts. The name Coca-Cola is rendered as 'Ke-kou-ke-la' in China. It caused different meaning for ...