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This posting discusses different types of loans.

What are some examples of the different types of loans out there? What is the difference between them?

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There are many types of loans that cover essentially every need, and the loan packages are tailored to the consumer. Most loans are closed-ended loans, which means the money is no longer available once it's been paid.

Consumers can obtain loans for education, home financing, auto financing, business expansion, and many other purposes. Each loan has it's own degree of difficulty to obtaining that loan, and has terms and conditions specific to the loan, which is what makes the loans different from each other. Home loans are conventional loans that are usually on a thirty year period, and are written at a fixed interest rate or can have a variable interest rate. The variable rate loans are less stable than a fixed rate loan for ...

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The solution provides discussion on various types of loans, and the differences between the most common loans available.