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Integrity In Leadership:Identifying Traits of A good leader

Can someone help me getting this in perspectives?

Usually in leadership, the importance of listening, making a connection, and empathy are stressed. How do these traits contribute to establishing trust?

Understand how the six dimensions of character contribute to achieving integrity, compassion, and effective leadership, and what characteristics of an individual engender trust.

1.The ability to connect with others and build trust
2.An orientation toward reality
3.The ability to 'Finish well'
4.The ability and willingness to 'Embrace the negative'
5.An orientation toward increase
6.Having an understanding of the transcendent

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Really, this is a critical thinking assignment. So, I'll give you a couple examples of leaders, and then show how they use some of those characteristics.

Let's take our current president for example. He's a good example for this, whether you agree with his politics or not, because he does ...

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The solution is a brief overview of the dimensions of charachter and attempts to "put things in perspective" for the student.