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IMC, target marketing, segmentation, integrated marketing

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IMC for any of the items below:

1. Camel Cigarettes
2. Absolut Vodka http://absolut.com/
3. Pulp Fiction (the movie starring Samuel Jackson and John Travolta)
4. World Wrestling Entertainment http://www.wwe.com

design an IMC. Include the following:

Target Market
How would you segment the market?
How would your IMC differentiate between the different segments with regards to:
Assume you can afford to advertise how would you do this? What would your creative look like? What shows/time periods would you target? Would you use print? Billboard? Why? Support your choices. Would you use any alternative IMC tools such as Internet advertising? Blogs? Anything else?
Finally, write a positioning statement for the product. Make sure you include the target, frame of reference, and benefit and support (reasons to believe).
IMC, target marketing, segmentation, integrated marketing, advertising, world wrestling championship,

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The selected item is World Wrestling Entertainment:


Target Market and segmentation of market:

The target markets for World Wrestling Entertainment is the group of wrestling loving people. These may be those in the segments of 15 to 25, 25 - 45 and 45 +. The three products that World Wrestling Entertainment markets are televised entertainment, live events and sale of products at live events. In addition, the company also sells intellectual property rights for its brand.
The targets should be sport-loving people who go in for similar sporting events like boxing or wrestling. The integrated marketing communication first segment the market based on the customer buying habits, those who buy pay per view sporting events on TV should be included in the database. The strategies of targeting the consumer, the cost of the event to the consumer, the convenience of experiencing the event, live or on TV needs to be explored. The targets should be located in the area where the event is to be held. It will be convenient for these customers to attend the live events. Finally, the youth should be targeted for general information about the events and the television programs.


How would the IMC differentiate between different segments?

Product: Top wrestlers like the Edge are kept for the events that have large audiences/high paying audiences. In addition, there are some events and audiences who have preferences for women wrestlers; they should be targeted for events featuring women wrestlers like Mickie James. The age group of 15 - 25 should be more partial towards women wrestlers, however, this ...

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